This page is a list of the various portfolios I frequently talk about on the blog, along with links to the portfolio source material and/or my posts describing the portfolios. I also have three sub pages. One has the daily status of the GTAA13, AGG3, and AGG3 portfolios, and one has the status of two of Antonacci’s portfolios GEM and…

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Introducing investing for a living screencasts

Today I’m introducing something new for Investing For A Living. Screencasts. I love writing the blog. I love doing the research that goes into the blog posts as well. But I realize it is for a small audience. Especially with some topics like quant investing. Over time I’ve received more and more requests to discuss a variety of basic and…

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When to rebalance your portfolio

It’s that time of year again. Time to look at your portfolio and decide on your rebalancing strategy. Most investors know they should rebalance but many don’t do it or they get hung up on the detailed mechanics of rebalancing. In this post I’ll present a quick summary of rebalancing approaches and share my approach as well. We rebalance portfolios…

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