Munis in the bargain bin, again

The recent “taper-tantrum” over the Fed’s potential coming removal of quantitative easing has caused quite some unrest in the bond market. This has caused interest rates, in particular longer term rates (10yrs +) to move substantially higher across the board. Long term munis were no exception and the sell off has left some compelling value in long term munis for…

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Minor blog changes

Today I made some minor changes to the blog. All the changes took place in the bar at the right hand side of the page that is headed by the RSS link. First, I added my twitter feed to the blog. I’ve been experimenting with twitter for a while in regards to investing and I am finding it quite useful.…

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Yet another reason to own MLPs – lower risk

MLPs offer attractive tax-deffered yields and total returns. MLPs have handily outperformed the S&P since 1996 and look to continue to do so. With the emergence of unconventional oil and natural gas plays in North America the sector is also in major growth mode. But most investors think that MLPs are higher risk – after all we’ve all been brainwashed…

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Stock vs Bond Risk: a different perspective

If you’ve been keeping up with the market and investment news you probably couldn’t help but notice all the commentary about the possible bond market bubble. See here for an example. The Siegel article in the WSJ is probably the most high profile piece on this topic yet. The argument is basically that government bond yields are so low they…

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My name is Paul Novell. I left the semiconductor industry, at 41, to pursue a more independent life. This came after two attempts at “retiring early” (starting in January 2006) and being scared back into the work force for a few months. Since early 2010 I’ve been fully committed to the financially independent lifestyle. Since 2006 my main source of income is from my…

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