11 months down, 1 to go in 2014. Here are the tactical asset allocation portfolio updates for this month.

Starting with the most basic portfolios, below are the December updates for the GTAA5 and the Permanent Portfolio. I keep a spreadsheet online that is update automatically. There were no changes from last month.

IVY5 timing model Dec 1 2014 update

Perm Port timing update dec 1 2014

Now for the more broadly diversified GTAA13 portfolio and the aggressive versions. Online spreadsheet  for this and the GTAA AGG3 and GTAA AGG6 portfolios.

GTAA13 timing update dec 1 2014

There were also no changes for the GTAA13 moderate portfolio. The AGG3 and AGG6 updates are below – no changes for this month as well.

GTAA6 GTAA3 Dec 1 2014 update

These portfolios signals are valid for the whole month of December.

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7 thoughts on “ Tactical asset allocation – december update

    1. I do have the YTD returns for most of the strategies but I will wait until the end of the year and publish full year results. It takes quite a bit of double checking to make sure they are correct. If you look at the online spreadsheets there are some YTD figures in there but they are rough. Also, I don’t know what I’ll do with the ETFs yet. Will think about that in January. I am tracing other ETFs in the online spreadsheets.


  1. Thanks for your great blog, I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts on various portfolios. Do you have any suggestions for someone trying to start implementing the Ivy GTAA AGG top 6 method with a large lump sum of cash? It seems that the only reasonable way is to go ahead and buy the top 6 ETFs with buy signals. It seems the other option of waiting for an initial buy signal would be problematic since you could be waiting a long time to get 6 initial buy signals. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Lester, yeah, the best way to get started is just to dive in with the 6 ETF on buy. You could add capital to the strategy over a period of time to mitigate the effect of a short term market pull back.


  2. I was going to start the Permanent Port. with Timing next year (2015 ), the only
    question I have is where do you invest the 25 % of the port. when SHY is below the 10mSMA ? SHY? or do you have a ” safer cash” ETF ?

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