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Enhancing Returns of TAA Bond Strategies

Note: an enhanced version of this strategy, BOND-COMP, is now part of the Economic Pulse Newsletter Most tactical asset allocation strategies focus on equites. That’s completely understandable. They are the highest return asset class over the long run and that is where most of the TAA research has been done. The principle factor that most TAA strategies exploit, momentum, also…

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TAA Investing

TAA bond strategy on Allocatesmartly

Just a quick post today on the TAA bond strategy that I’ve posted on and keep track of here. Starting yesterday, the strategy is on AllocateSmartly. See the blog post discussing the details of the strategy and it’s historical performance. A few important items that I’d like to highlight follow. First, the strategy is slightly different from the original that…

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Muni valuation update – still a great value

Its been almost 4 months (June 26 to be precise) since I last posted on municipal bond valuations. I thought this would be a good time to do a quick update on muni valuations. In short, there is still compelling value in municipal bonds for long term investors willing to ride out the fear being priced in to this market.…

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Higher Safe Withdrawal Rates from a 100% Bond Portfolio?

Is it possible to achieve higher safe withdrawal rates, compared to a stock/bond portfolio, from a 100% bond portfolio? With bond prices at historical highs? That’s what I wanted to find out. I started thinking in this direction after my look at bottoms up retirement planning and calculating what low real rates are actually needed to achieve retirement success. This…

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