Happy New Year everyone! I know its been a while since I last posted but I’m feeling refreshed after a good break and ready to blog away in 2012. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. As for me, the RV and family are happily stationed in San Diego for at least the first part of the winter season. It is hard to beat southern CA weather in the winter. For this first post of the new year I thought I’d take a quick look back at some blog stats for 2011. Enjoy!

For 2011 the blog had 59,000 views. There were 91 posts for the year, not quite reaching my goal of 2 per week but not bad considering some of the personal issues I had to deal with in the year. The day with the most views was May 12th with 396 views. The top 5 posts for 2011 were:

1.  Opportunity brewing in MLP land

2.  Understanding mortgage REITs: Annaly Mortgage

3.  Interest rate risk in mortgage REITs

4.  The investing for a living retirement model

5.  Fairfax Financial – possibly the best stealth dividend stock in the world

Most of the blog visitors were from the US but surprisingly Canada and the UK were not far behind. And even more surprising to me was that there were visitors to the blog from as far away as Zambia and Uruguay. I’m glad to see that the interest in income investing reaches far and wide.

Well, with that quick summary I’ll leave 2011 behind. For the next couple of posts I’ll be summarizing performance results for 2011 for the income investing dashboard, for the major markets, and for my personal portfolio.

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