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I apologize for the light posting but the holiday festivities are in full swing here in Florida and they do tend to get in the way of posting. For this post I’ll tackle the advanced reading list for investors. This is by far the easiest list to compile and it is always expanding. Every year there are at least a few great book put out for the advanced investor. As usual, I created an Amazon listmania list here . Note: some of these books are out of print, hard to get, and expensive – maybe save those for your Xmas wish list next year!

  • Beat the Market – Thorpe (out of print)
  • Margin of Safety – Klarman (out of print)
  • Being Right or Making Money – Davis (out of print)
  • Active Value Investing – Katsenelson
  • Reminisces of a Stock Market Operator – Lefevre
  • The Misbehavior of Markets – Mandlebrot
  • The Aggressive Conservative Investor – Whitman
  • Distress Investing – Whitman
  • Contrarian Investment Strategies – Dreman
  • The Dhando Investor – Pabrai
  • The Triumph of Contrarian Investing – Davis
  • Trade Like Warren Buffet – Altucher
  • Options as a Strategic Investment – McMillan
  • The Financial Numbers Game – Mulford
  • The Quality of Earnings – O’Glove
  • Investing in REITs – Block
  • A History of Interest Rates – Homer
  • Investment Valuation – Damadoran
  • Theory of Investment Value – Williams
  • Fortune’s Formula – Poundstone
  • Fooling Some of the People All of the Time – Einhorn

And I’m sure there are many more great books to put on this list but I think this is a great start for the advanced investor.

Finally, maybe the best source of new material for the advanced investor are the investor or shareholder letters of some of the great investors out there. The shareholder letter of Warren Buffet, Prem Watsa, Einhorn, Tilson, Chanos, etc… are always on my reading list and the best thing is that they are free! A great place to track investor letters is Market Folly or if you already have your favorite investors just visit their funds websites and download their shareholder letters.

Merry Christmas!