Today I made some minor changes to the blog. All the changes took place in the bar at the right hand side of the page that is headed by the RSS link.

First, I added my twitter feed to the blog. I’ve been experimenting with twitter for a while in regards to investing and I am finding it quite useful. I find that I come across many investment items in a given day that I think would be interesting to followers but don’t really warrant a post. Twitter allows me to share those items with you quickly and without a lot of effort. If you are using twitter yourself one bit of advice is to limit your information flow.  Follow quality not quantity. It’s easy to drown in a see of information on twitter. By the way, I find the easiest way to use twitter is using the twitter app on my ipad. The app is very well done and I highly recommend it.

Second, I re-did my blog links. I tried to make the links more relevant to the theme of the blog. Hope you find them as useful as I do. I’ll be commenting on some of the new additions in some of my new posts.


2 thoughts on “ Minor blog changes

    1. Very familiar with it. I find it useful for trading and picking up ideas. Anything i stock twit shows up in my twitter feed. I find the twitter mobile app much easier to use than stock twits as well.


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