A quick post this morning. Recently, I had the pleasure to be interviewed on the System Trader Podcast . Thanks Jack! Jack has had some great guests on his show like Gary Antonacci, Jack Vogel, Andreas Clenow and many more. The interview comes at a great time too as pretty soon, Feb 2010 to be exact, it will be 10 years that I’ve been writing this blog. Hard to believe really. It was nice to be able to reflect back, especially at some of the stuff I wrote about, and said!, early on in the blog’s life.

Anyway, in the interview we talk about my evolution as an investor, how I got started in investing, and in general about discretionary investing, quant investing, and investing in retirement where you’re withdrawing funds every year from your portfolio. The interview is about 73 minutes long and in a week or so Jack will have the transcript of the interview posted as well. The link to the interview is below.

Interview on SystemTrader Podcast

The interview also got me thinking about refreshing some of the really old posts and topics I used to talk about a lot more like retirement withdrawal strategies. Stay tuned for that in the coming year…


3 thoughts on “ My interview on SystemTrader Podcast

  1. Hello Paul – Fun to listen to you this morning from So California. Wow. Hard to believe your IFAL blog is almost 10 years old. We appreciate the RV and financial information your have shared over the years. You guys have been on FIRE before it was a thing :). Very helpful

    Safe travels,

    1. Thanks Jeff/Deb. It’s hard for me to believe it’s been almost 10 years also. I like the FI side, not a fan of the RE side… 🙂

      Hope you guys are doing well.


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