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Enhancing Returns of TAA Bond Strategies

Note: an enhanced version of this strategy, BOND-COMP, is now part of the Economic Pulse Newsletter Most tactical asset allocation strategies focus on equites. That’s completely understandable. They are the highest return asset class over the long run and that is where most of the TAA research has been done. The principle factor that most TAA strategies exploit, momentum, also…

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Tactical Asset Allocation 1H 2019 Overview

Note: one of my posts from last year, When Models Fail, was chosen for Faber’s Best Investment Writing Volume 3. Check it out if you get a chance. Time to take a quick look back at 2019 YTD performance. In this post I present a quick overview of 1H 2019 Tactical Asset Allocation performance and make some brief observations. Let’s…

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TAA Batting Averages: Calculating Base Rates for TAA Portfolios

In today’s post I want to look at long term TAA model performance in a different way. I think intuitively most investors realize that any strategy they pick will have periods of outperformance and underperformance. But decision making under real circumstances exposes us to all kinds of biases which often cause is to make intuitive, gut decisions based on incomplete…

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