Today was the last trading day in July. Time to look at the month end closing prices and see what actions an investor would need to take if they are implementing the IVY timing portfolio.

Great thing is that you don’t need to keep track of these yourself. They are done for you at World Beta in the chart updates or even an even easier place is Dshort . Below are the signals for each of the ETFs in the IVY timing model.

Basically, nothing new from last month. No new actions need to be taken. With the allocations in the table above you would be 60% (20% in VTI, 20% in VNQ, and 20% in IEF) invested and 40% in cash. Both VEU and DBC got close to triggering buy signals this month but couldn’t quite make it.

These signals remain in force until the end of August.

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3 thoughts on “ IVY portfolio end of July 2012 signals

  1. Paul, thanks for the update and the links. If one isn’t already “in” the market using this timing model, what do you recommend for getting started?

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